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Hoover Dam

Hydropower dams threaten fish habitats worldwide

New re搜索 maps the impacts of past and future hydropower development on fish habitats – and points to where restoration efforts may do the most good.

Rust offers a cheap way to filter arsenic-poisoned water

In regions that lack the resources to treat the contaminated water, it can lead to disease, cancer and even death.


Making 加州’s water supply resilient

Stanford re搜索ers examine effective strategies to rising water scarcity concerns in the context of climate change.

water drop

Stanford re搜索ers find smart faucets could aid in water conservation

An experiment with a water-saving “smart” faucet shows potential for reducing water use. The catch? Unbeknownst to study participants, the faucet’s smarts came from its human controller.


Can 加州 better use winter storms to refill its aquifers?

With new rules for groundwater management coming into effect, engineers are looking to harness an unconventional and unwieldy source of water: the torrential storms that sometimes soak 加州.

Dry landscape

Domino droughts: How droughts travel across continents

New re搜索 finds one drought can amplify or trigger another. Decreased moisture recycling and transport impacts how droughts form and move across continents.


Toward safe and reliable drinking water for all 加州ns

Stanford scientists and water experts discuss how 加州 can secure a safe and reliable water supply.

San Francisco Bay

Can a drone reveal the murky secrets of San Francisco Bay?

Measurements of suspended sediment concentrations reveal a lot about the health of a waterway, but until now such data has been difficult to obtain.


Understanding saltwater intrusion through remote sensing

New re搜索 provides insight on a common cause of drinking water contamination in coastal areas: intrusion of ocean saltwater into freshwater aquifers.


Where will flooded fields best replenish groundwater?

Overpumping in 加州 has depleted groundwater storage capacity and caused the land to sink. A new model could help water managers zero in on where to replenish aquifers by flooding fields.


Big livestock operations can be big polluters. But where are they?

An algorithm that reads satellite images can help environmental regulators identify potentially hazardous agricultural facilities more efficiently than traditional approaches.

Van Arsdale
Jamaica Bay

Can we recover valuable chemicals from sewage?

A chemical engineer wants to make the term ‘wastewater’ obsolete by extracting usable chemicals to create fertilizers, disinfectants and more.